Unfold is 100 percent focused on the vertical farming industry. We combine leading seed genetics with the agronomic expertise to dramatically advance productivity, flavor and other consumer preferences.

We serve the vertical farming market through partnerships with vertical farming operators, technology providers and others across the produce supply chain.

Unfold was founded to create increased access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We create and support sustainably grown, hyperlocal food production and hence increase food security for a growing urban population.

Unfold will develop new seed varieties for vertical
farming operations that are focused on quality, including improved yield, optimized sensory and broadly desirable consumer experiences.

Beyond developing new seed varieties, Unfold will provide agronomic and market development advice as well as participate in value sharing with its customers.

Indoor vertical farming has the ability to greatly conserve natural resources such as water, land and nutrients whilst improving yield for select fruits and vegetables such as leafy greens, tomato, pepper, cucumber and specialty crops.

Hence, indoor farms have the potential to allow humankind to grow fresh, local produce in a sustainable way with decreased pressure on our natural environment.