Guru Systems Limted

Guru Systems develops intelligent technology to make energy systems more transparent, lower cost and lower carbon. We deliver market-leading hardware and data analytics across heat networks, improving performance for developers, heat suppliers, customers and our planet. Delivering low-carbon heat is one of the biggest challenges in the transition to a net-zero emissions future. Our technology helps to accelerate this transition by using AI-driven analytics to improve efficiency and change the future of heat for the better. Transparency Our technology gives complete visibility of heat network and other utility performance, helping you improve the efficiency of your network and fix problems early and reduce operating costs. Lower cost Our technology makes it easier to manage financial performance, allowing you to minimise debt risk through a range of billing solutions, while giving you the flexibility to choose which energy service providers you work with. Lower carbon Our technology drives improved network efficiency, delivering better carbon performance, while engaging customers with their energy use. Our technology has been installed on more than 150 networks across the UK, on both private and social housing developments. We have also won a number of awards, including the Association for Decentralised Energy’s Innovation of the Decade.