We are supporting the renewable energy transition by enabling grids to use more green energy and helping renewable asset owners to secure more value from their assets to further deploy clean power.

We provide grid operators and renewable asset owners with market-leading and mission-critical technology solutions to accelerate and thrive in the clean energy transition.


As the energy transition picks up pace, it's imperative that grids lead the renewables charge instead of becoming the bottleneck. The rapid increase of renewables however brings significant operational challenge to TSOs and DNOs.

To absorb greater amounts of renewable generation safely and cost effectively, grids will need to turn to accurate measurements instead of relying on simulation models. The underlying physics driving these evolving challenges apply to every transmission and distribution grid integrating renewables. Reactive's GridMetrix is a technological breakthrough, borne from our telecommunications expertise and our data scientists’ innovative approach to using the power grid as a communications channel. We’ve conclusively demonstrated that we can send a signal through the grid, read the output through the noise, and uncover the previously invisible inertia.