We are a group of former Gov. Jay Inslee for America staffers and supporters who came together in 2019 on a mission to elect a new president to build support for an all-out national mobilization to defeat the climate crisis and create 8 million jobs in a clean energy economy.

That mission now lives on with Evergreen.

When Gov. Inslee left the presidential race, he made his 218-page “gold standard” policy plan into an open-source document. Evergreen is taking up that promise: providing an open-source climate policy platform to inspire bold action by the next president and Congress, beginning on Day One. 

Evergreen is leading the fight to put bold climate action at the top of America's agenda, implement an all-out mobilization to defeat climate change and create millions of jobs in a clean energy economy. We empower climate and community leaders, and advocate for policymakers to adopt the urgent climate policies that science demands.

The Evergreen Action Plan is a comprehensive roadmap for this national mobilization: investing in building a thriving clean-energy economy that strengthens communities, and building a future rooted in justice and economic inclusion.