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Company Description

Our mission is to foster a materials data ecosystem that accelerates breakthroughs in development and manufacturing, enabling a more efficient, sustainable world. 


Data is the safest investment in materials and chemicals. It empowers your teams. It never goes out of date. It is an investment in knowledge forever. It forms the basis for analytics, visualization, and AI. The Citrine Platform stores and organizes your data in all of its complexityprocessing, structure, properties, performance, formulationmaking it available to materials and chemicals developers in the way they natively understand it and enabling AI-driven workflows.


Hierarchical relationships, rare data, and critical domain knowledge mean that traditional, naive AI approaches struggle with materials and chemicals. The AI engines within the Citrine Platform allow data scientists to build reusable, modular units, and connect them to each other to represent known relationships. The system then performs further analysis on its own to learn from your data. By coupling these together, the Citrine Platform AI system takes advantage of known theory, tacit knowledge, and empirical data to create models that are interpretable by the experts who use them. Best of all, modules can be reused again and again, so your data science expertise scales across an entire development organization.


AI is not magic. It is an accelerant to your teams' existing practices, making them more efficient and effective. The Citrine Platform supports their workflows in each stage of the materials development process: ingesting new experimental data, analyzing it for new insights, and helping your teams decide what to do next. One such Citrine Platform powered workflow is Sequential learning, which supports your scientists with an AI-driven design of experiment that learns every step of the way, dramatically reducing the number of experiments and the length of time it takes to hit your product targets.


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Email me jobs from Citrine Informatics