Paris, France

Company Description

Mayane, an innovative and multidisciplinary ideas laboratory.

Mayane is a research structure dedicated to the development of innovative solutions aimed at combating
the effects of global warming and its territorial consequences.


Facing climatic and  hydrological risks  requires above all the  development of a risk culture  adapted to each territory and the creation of solutions aimed at reducing the vulnerability of the issues exposed.

Research-Action and innovation projects

Composed of doctors and engineers, each pole of Mayane brings its knowledge in R&D and complementary innovation for complete solutions contributing to the resilience of the territories.

A team with transversal skills

Hydrologists, risk geographers, educators, psycho-sociologists and graphic design specialists work on a daily basis to meet the expectations of local players.

Strategies adapted to the needs of each actor

Our solutions adapt to each hazard (marine submersion, flash floods, slow flooding, etc.) and to each type of issue and audience (individual buildings, economic fabric, general public, youth).

Email me jobs from Mayane


Email me jobs from Mayane