Camus Energy provides an open-source grid management platform for distribution operators enabling them to understand and manage their systems in real-time. We provide monitoring and near-term predictive state, operational control of distribution resources, and real-time pricing or price incentives for extended control of behind the meter resources.

Camus Energy was founded in 2019 in the San Francisco Bay area. We have deep experience designing and operating distributed systems, and a passion for combating climate change. From pioneering work at Google, SpaceX, and Uber, we bring expertise in massively parallel cloud computing, high-scale real-time analytics, and high-reliability computing. 

We work on building software for the gird.  The challenges faced by grid operators in an evolving energy landscape are unique. The existing grid is one of humanity’s largest machines, and keeping it running safely and smoothly is critical to modern life. But as it becomes smarter, more connected, and more dynamic, we can draw lessons from other industries about how to manage the challenges of scale and reliability for an effective energy transition.