We use backpack-size satellites with proprietary optical sensors to capture methane emissions data on each of the millions of sites around the world. The scale, speed and low cost at which we collect this precise data is unprecedented. Our clients simply subscribe to access alerts and analytics on their sites of interest.

Sunlight hits the Earth and bounces off to space at the speed of light. When it hits a spot that is emitting methane, the methane blocks part of the light spectrum, leaving a unique spectral signature. Our microsatellite-based sensor captures the light that is reflecting off the ground, and by using advanced optics, instantly recognizes the unique spectral fingerprint of methane. Our sensor design allows us to see over 20,000 spectral lines that together make that unique methane fingerprint. This enables perfect identification of methane emitters. In comparison, competing sensors only see 20 spectral lines, and are therefore prone to errors and blind spots.