Evolve Energy

The way energy companies work today isn’t good for people or for the environment. But as consumers, we can feel helpless to make a change—we don’t often even know the ways that choices in our lifestyle affect energy use and the environment.    So we established Evolve with the mission to be trusted advisors to people, helping them save money and making it easy to make the best possible choices about electricity use. We knew we wouldn’t be able to do business as usual to make those changes. So we completely rethought how an energy company should work.    We started with the pricing; buying electricity should be simple and straightforward. We layered in unparalleled customer service because we want the experience of using our energy to be amazing.    Then we focused on what the wonders of today’s technology could add to the process. Connecting smart home devices to the very grid that powers them gives the user complete control over how their lifestyle equates to energy usage. We developed the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to help our customers save money on electricity, reduce their carbon footprint, and stay comfortable.    We’re an electricity company that doesn’t make money on electricity. We’re focused on our mission: Save money, save energy, save the planet.