rePurpose Global

rePurpose Global is the World's First Plastic Credit Platform dedicated to reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature's balance. Our mission is to make planetary action delightfully simple for purposeful people and companies of any size, anywhere and help them go Plastic Neutral by financing innovators on the frontlines of protecting humanity's common habitat. It's simple - for every $0.50 contributed to our platform, we remove 1 kg of plastic waste otherwise destined for our natural ecosystem. We accomplish this through our Global Solutions Network of plastic recovery projects across 7 countries, where we deploy financing from our coalition to catalyze and scale up their environmental impact.


1) PlasticNeutral Products: We help consumer brands measure & compensate for your plastic footprint by removing and recycling an equivalent amount of ocean-bound plastic waste through our vetted projects across Asia, South America, and Africa. With us, you can instantly differentiate from competitors and demonstrate authentic commitment to societal responsibility overnight.

2) EverydayNeutral: a tick-box at the point-of-checkout for any e-commerce retailer where customers can add a few pennies and erase the unique plastic footprint of their purchase that day. By enabling people to balance out the bad by doing an equal amount of good, you build goodwill with new customers and retain loyal ones - all at no cost to the business.

3) PlasticNeutral Consumers: Individuals anywhere in the world can subscribe to go PlasticNeutral by taking our 3-minute plastic footprint calculator and paying $2-4/month to a project of your choice to compensate for your consumption. As a member of our global community, reBalancers also receive uniquely personalized tips & tricks to help them lead a greener lifestyle.