Climate Finance Solutions

  • Bayside, CA

Climate Finance Solutions (CFS) is an international consultancy that provides funding (particularly grant and public funding) and technology, business, and project development services for a wide variety of entities in the climate sector. Its clients span five continents, and include climate-related startups, SMEs, NGOs, development agencies, and others. Its founder, Joel Armin-Hoiland, is one of the most successful independent grant writers and public funding consultants, with expertise funding climate solutions in a variety of fields all over the world. CFS is mission-driven. It is focused on supporting high-impact, climate-related ventures, and training and growing high-potential hires to develop the next class of leaders in the climate ecosystem.

Our Vision
CFS believes that non-dilutive finance is critical to solving the climate challenge. However, in its current form, this system does not efficiently allocate resources for the highest possible impact, nor meet the urgency of the moment. Supporting and reconfiguring this subsector represents a major opportunity to both undertake high-leverage work to combat climate change and create a highly scalable and successful business.