Our vision is to build more than just products—we aim to change the way innovation and public interest interact at scale. 


Doing good by knowing how.

The technology sector has disrupted almost every conceivable industry—yet innovation has struggled to reach the public sector. Building companies that work with or alongside the public sector to tackle big problems is easier when you’ve had your foot in both worlds.

Our team has collectively built companies, organizations, and products both in and out of the government - we understand how to bridge both worlds and care enough to do so. We raised our first fund to execute this vision.


We tackle problems at every level of society—from healthcare to transportation, education to analytics—and with every type of partner.




We work with talented founding teams to help them adapt their creations to serve the needs of national or international significance and scale them appropriately.





Building products, companies, and movements.


Hangar’s fund is dedicated to building companies with capacity to solve society’s highest order challenges at significant scale.

Our team spends time engaging experts, designing prototypes, and implementing pilots. We work diligently to recruit hyper-talented individuals to build these companies alongside us.

We leverage our collective networks, experiences, and skills to ensure our companies succeed.