Our fully biodegradable biopolyester fibers are a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based polyester used in the $2 trillion fashion industry. Did you know that 60% of our clothing now contains polyester?

Recycling clothing is difficult due to the large number of different natural and synthetic materials used in a single garment. Only 17% of clothing and other textile products is collected for recycling, while 30 billion pounds of textile waste is discarded in landfills. What a waste! Not to mention that washing clothing can release synthetic microfibers that impact wildlife and ecosystems.

We have a solution.

Our naturally occurring biopolyester can be used with other natural textile materials to produce a truly sustainable product. Our carbon recycling technology enables regeneration of new apparel from used apparel without reduction in quality.

Made by bacteria so it can be degraded by bacteria.

Our fully biodegradable caps are an environmentally friendly solution to petroleum-based plastic caps. Plastic caps are typically made of recyclable materials such as polypropylene or polyethylene, but they are often too small for recyclers and end up in landfills. These small items are a big problem: an estimated 250 billion caps are produced each year.

Caps are also a top item found during beach cleanup activities around the world and can be deadly to wildlife. They will persist in nature much longer than their useful lives

We have a solution.

Our naturally occurring biopolymer is biodegradable in both industrial and natural environments. In the event of improper disposal in nature, our caps will get broken down by microorganisms.

From nature back to nature.