EIT Climate-KIC

The global community needs giant leaps forward to avoid catastrophic climate change. Staying within a 2 °C rise in warming demands radical changes to the way we use natural resources, materials and energy, to our built environment, our mobility, or the way we grow and consume food.

Our vision is for a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society founded on a net zero-carbon, circular economy. This is a new climate-conscious economy, where finance flows to green projects and activities, and where motivated people are empowered with the skills and capacity they need to take action.

This can only be achieved through wholesale systemic change – change that encompasses not just the technical and material, but regulation, governance structures, values and mindsets. 

The systems we need to change

Climate-KIC works on transformative, systemic innovation that involves many connected innovations developing in parallel to trigger a shift in the system. We aim to take good ideas, products or services from niche to mainstream to reach a tipping point and create maximum impact.

Guided by the Paris Agreement, our advisors and our community, Climate-KIC has identified cities, land use and manufacturing as the three major systems, where, if change were triggered wholesale and emissions reduced, would have the most potential in realising a climate-resilient society and net-zero carbon economy.

Our approach is to carve out space for experimentation by piloting, testing and scaling. We learn from these pilots by observing the change and recalibrating our approach in response to our insights.