Earthshot Labs

Earthshot Labs is an open-source community and technology company developing tools for planetary-scale ecological regeneration. We are building the first global open-source model for forest carbon, soil carbon, and water restoration. LandOS is a new platform for democratized carbon credit verification, and Biome is an app for citizen science collecting vital site observations.


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Working at Earthshot is fun! We are a team that prioritizes coherence and real intimacy between people as the underlying goal beneath having a huge impact on the planet. We're on a sacred mission coming from love: to restore humanity's relationship with nature while having an amazing time.

We need people with world-class talent, superbly competent at what they do, emotionally intelligent and self-aware, open to deep friendships and love with the people they work with, heart-centered and passionate about restoring ecology. If this is you, give us a call!