Growing awareness around the impacts of climate change has propelled a rapid movement towards fully renewable, emissions-free energy supply. At this moment, most grid infrastructure can only support a limited amount (10-20%*) of renewable energy input while remaining stable, due to the fluctuating nature of renewable energy streams. Current market models are based on a largely supply-driven energy economy which lacks the flexibility needed to allow for higher penetration of renewables. New, intelligent ways of managing energy supply and demand, combined with innovative business models, are needed in order to effectively manage our transition towards a clean energy economy.

Our long-term vision is to develop scalable solutions that will revolutionize the way we provide for all of our core resources, focusing on the key areas needed for leading a healthy and fruitful life: energy, water, sanitation, food, shelter, and resource recovery. As our global population expands, the demand for energy and natural resources increases with it, putting more pressure on our already stressed planetary boundaries. It is visible across the board from marine life and aquifers, to oil supplies and rare earth metals we are rapidly depleting these finite resources and polluting our environment at alarming rates. As global supply chains become increasingly volatile and centralized systems are further strained, the number of people without adequate resource provision will continue to grow. Solving all of the challenges we face around resource security is a highly ambitious and long-term mission. The most we can do is to contribute our full efforts to help overcome the obstacles we face on our journey towards a sustainable future.

We believe that one of the most urgent issues is to solve the challenges for providing for our energy needs in a sustainable way. Not only is access to energy essential for high quality of life, but virtually everything is reliant on an input of energy. Our entire global socio-economic eco-system has been built upon a foundation of fossil fuels everything from growing food to resource extraction and water purification. Leveraging the full potential of the nearly unlimited source of energy from the sun is the first step towards dealing with the rest of the systemic challenges we've encountered. That is why Spectral has chosen to begin with tackling the obstacles we face in transitioning the global energy sector towards 100% sustainable energy supply.

Spectral is a spin-off of Metabolic, an action agency for sustainable development, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our team started working together in 2012, under Metabolic, where we applied our expertise in clean technologies to develop projects like De Ceuvel