Q-Bot develops intelligent tools using robotics and AI that can inspect, monitor and maintain the health of our buildings. Q-Bot's mission is to transform the built environment with robotics and AI to become a global leader in construction innovation.

Q-Bot was founded when Tom Lipinski identified a huge, untapped need for under floor insulation, if the practical challenges could be overcome. Working with Professor Peter Childs and Mathew Holloway they developed a robotic solution that could apply insulation without having to rip the house apart.

As a result of this work Q-Bot has developed a number of exciting robotic and AI technologies which can be deployed across a range of applications. They include robotic vehicles, advanced manufacturing and 3D printing techniques, control routines for autonomous localisation and navigation, 3D mapping of environments with automatic categorisation of features, as well as tools to manage the installation process and data collected.

"Q-Bot was established to use the full potential of technology to address the opportunity that we could see existed in the built environment. Advances in robotics and AI meant processes that in some cases hadn't changed in hundreds of years could now be done quicker, safer and to a measurable quality. Using robots to install underfloor insulation was the starting point on this journey." - Mathew Holloway, CEO