We are farm managers and finance professionals. We partner with visionary farmers, disruptive organisations and patient investors to scale regenerative agriculture. Regenerative farming restores the natural fertility of agroecosystems and captures more carbon than it emits. It produces nutrient-dense food, clean water and abundant biodiversity. It integrates agroecological practices such as conservation agriculture, organic farming, agroforestry, permaculture and holistic livestock management. In our work, healthy soil is the single most important driver in increasing farm productivity, reducing risk in operations and protecting profitability. Living soils and functioning ecosystems work to retain water and provide nutrients to plants. This builds profitable farms and improves asset value in the long run. We get involved at farm level to improve operational, financial and environmental performance. We engage with farmers, corporates, investment groups and governments to deliver better economic performance and meaningful environmental impact. Farm Management Services: - Transition to regenerative agriculture - Farm operational and technical analysis - Hands-on management of operations - Budget monitoring and cost analysis - Decision support tool implementation - Team capacity building Business and Government Solution: - Introductory workshop to regenerative agriculture - Design and execution support for sourcing strategy - Connections with relevant farmers-supplier - Capacity building for farmer-suppliers Investment opportunities: - Due diligence and business planning - Restructuring and special situations - Co-investment Agricultural Specialities: - Broadacre: Cereals & grains, sugar (beet & cane), cotton - Perennial: Temperate & tropical fruits, dry fruits - Livestock: Pasture, grass-fed beef Geographies: France, Belgium, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Sudan, Nigeria, Congo, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Suriname, Costa Rica, Australia