SOLshare has created a revolutionary new approach to bring affordable solar electricity to everyone in Bangladesh and beyond through its peer-to-peer solar energy trading platforms based on distributed ledger technology. We believe the smart peer to peer grids we are building in Bangladesh can be the future for utilities globally. SOLshare pioneers a micro-energy transition model 3.0 by interconnecting solar home systems in peer-to-peer networks, monetizing excess solar energy along the value chain in real time with mobile money and empowering communities to earn a direct income from the sun. The main activities of SOLshare are the design, management of manufacturing and sale of an innovative charge controller for Solar Homes Systems (SHS) which manages interconnection between multiple users to a decentralized, low voltage DC micro-grid and facilitates electricity trade. To enable electricity trade between SHS users, SOLshare also offers back-end data management as part of the company’s core activities. The SOLshare solution is an enabler for innovative, decentralized and dynamic electricity micro-grids which provide solar power to households and businesses and gives people the chance to take things into their own hands.