Yellow Tin

The team at YellowTin is committed to creating a cleaner energy future. Electrification is exciting but complex and rapidly changing. Our goal is to simplify and make electrification accessible. And we combine it with renewable energy. 

The YellowTin cloud-based, data-driven platform educates and empowers people to make informed decisions, so that they can switch to cost-effective, electricity-based solutions at their own pace. By working with power providers such as community choice aggregators (CCAs), cities, and solar panel installers, YellowTin is more than just fun planning software. We accelerated the adoption of clean technologies, such as residential solar, storage, electric vehicles and heat pumps. Fully configurable, our software effectively serves the needs of our customers and enables our users to reduce their carbon footprint.

YellowTin envisions a future of accessible technology for a more sustainable, better quality of life for everyone.

YellowTin is always looking for like-minded, passionate individuals as partners, customers and collaborators.