We are a team of engineers, biologists and seaweed experts with a common vision of having a positive impact on the world. Our mission is to help accelerate the transition to zero greenhouse gas emissions by enabling farmers to reduce their cows' methane emissions from enteric fermentation. By making cows release less methane, the agriculture sector can take a massive leap in going sustainable.

One of the most critical challenges in the world is global warming. Good progress is being made in the energy and transport sectors with renewable energy rapidly expanding and vehicles being electrified. Cows generate more than 4% of the global greenhouse gas emissions through farting and burping, that is more than twice as much as the world's entire fleet of airplanes. The agricultural sector has made very little progress and has been a missing puzzle piece in the efforts to reduce global warming. Until now.

What we do

Many years of research from world leading universities proves that supplementing the seaweed Asparagopsis as 1% of the cow's daily feed intake, reduce up to 80% of the enteric methane emissions they produce. The seaweeds bioactive compounds trigger a process in the cow's digestive system that block the production of methane, this without affecting the cow's health. This seaweed has never been commercially produced before, and Volta is taking on the challenge of producing it at scale. The picture shows one portion that each cow are supplemented each day for up to 80% reduction of methane.