Our food system is broken.

We eat food laced with poison everyday. Even when we buy fresh produce marketed to us as organic, as most of us know, a fairly large percentage of that is not really organically grown. The increased occurrence of diseases such as cancer, is a direct result of this.

On the other hand, our farmers are in great distress. Dwindling incomes along with production, distribution and financing inefficiencies have made it impossible for Indian farmers to earn living wages predictably. As a result, they are resorting to using more and more chemicals to reduce their risk and stop their income from falling.

And finally, our top-soil, which has been amongst the best in the world, has been deteriorating rapidly and soil productivity has touched an all-time low. Earthworms and soil microbe populations are dwindling and we need more and more external harmful inputs every season to sustain the same production level as the earlier growing season.

This seems like a vicious cycle - and it worsens everyday.

Is there a solution ?

At Farmizen (, we believe we have a possible solution. The way it works is very simple -

a. You rent out a 600 square feet mini-farm located in a real farm near you for a monthly fee.

b. The farmer takes care of your vegetable crops for you.

c. You control your farm through an app available on Android and iOS - just like Farmville.

d. You can visit your farm anytime and harvest your own chemical-free produce.

e. If you are busy, Farmizen will home deliver your produce to you every week.

Come help us build a food system that is better for consumers, better for our farmers, and better for the planet.