We connect audiences with climate solutions using video, film, and brand storytelling.

We are a video, film, and brand storytelling firm that connects audiences with climate solutions.

Ecodeo is a film & digital video storytelling firm focused on social impact, eco-innovation, and full-spectrum sustainability. Our work supports conservation, environmental, racial, social, and food justice outreach efforts. We create authentic work to help build healthy, resilient, anti-racist communities, lower emissions, and content that help eradicating poverty while supporting solutions to build a 21st century, green, resilient, and inclusive economy for all.  Specifically, we produce branded video, video packages, video ads, promos, animations, social media video packages, video advocacy, films, episodic, mini-documentaries, tributes, eco-brand storytelling, eco-documentaries.

Our storytelling promotes justice, eco-products, renewable energy, cleantech, responsible supply chains, solar and wind products, clean water, clean air, clean transit, corporate responsibility, and full-spectrum sustainability efforts across the board. The content we create is designed to work across the digital landscape for global digital campaigns, interactive experiences, advertising, storytelling, digital ads, AR, VR, and emerging platforms.

Our work is in service to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are part of a 2030 Agenda. Our work supports the transition to a net-zero economy toward a climate-stabilized future.