Dioxide Materials is developing green technology that takes CO2, water and renewable energy to make sustainable fuels and chemicals. We are committed to offering our customers innovative CO2, sensing and recycling solutions to save money on air conditioning bills, help the environment and lower the US dependence on imported oil.

At Dioxide Materials, we have developed sustainable technology that lowers the cost of converting carbon dioxide into C1 building blocks by a factor of 3, creating the first cost-competitive route to large volume, renewable fuels and chemicals. Our goal is to develop a new industry, where waste carbon dioxide from power plants and industrial sources is used as a feedstock, to produce gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, and industrial chemicals; thereby reducing the U.S.'s dependence for imported oil, creating thousands of U.S. jobs, while significantly reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming.

Dioxide Materials Technology:

  • Converts waste CO2 into useful commodity;
  • Provides a route to grid scale energy storage;
  • Provides a viable route to store electricity as renewable gasoline.