We take untreated industrial emissions of CO2 and we turn them into protein initially for animal feed and starting in fish farming. The International Panel on Climate Change just said that humanity has only 12 years to fight the first real battle for global warming. Billions of dollars will be invested in currently early stage technologies in this area in the next few years. At NovoNutrients, we're building profitable technology to win that battle and the war. We confront unsustainable carbon emissions as well as two other, global challenges: the overfishing of our oceans and feeding a growing and ever more demanding population.

Our specific combination of technology, science, and market focus has been a magnet for top talent with deep experience in fermentation, synthetic biology, and aquaculture. We're working together... to capture carbon, not fish. Shortly, we'll be scaling up production for our first customers. The world needs to be carbon negative by midcentury. We aim to turn billions of tons of CO2 into protein. You can join our accelerating movement by talking to us or just by choosing NovoNutrients seafood when you see it. It's clean food from CO2.