O.C.O Technology specialises in carbon capture, sustainable construction products and waste treatment

We operate three factories in the UK and have operations around the globe


Built on more than 20 years of award-winning research, Accelerated Carbonation Technology has helped make us a World leader in the permanent capture of carbon dioxide.

Jan 08, 2019
Full time role
  The use of Accelerated Carbonation Technology for the treatment of Thermal Residues and the manufacture of a sustainable carbon negative aggregate has been developed by Carbon8 Aggregates following 15 years of award winning research undertaken at leading UK universities. Pioneered by leading academics, the business has worldwide patents and is currently one of only a few companies in the UK to hold an Environment Agency ‘End of Waste’ agreement, classifying the finished aggregate as a ‘product’. Following various scaled trials, the first commercial facility was built in spring 2012 at Brandon in Suffolk where, a couple of years later, a further £1.5m was invested in building a second line to double its treatment capacity to over 50,000 tonnes of aggregate per year. With the support of its principal investor, Grundon Waste Management Ltd, Carbon8 Aggregates have built two further two-line plants in Avonmouth and Leeds to become the...