Climate Action Now

We’re not partisans.

But we are deeply concerned the United States government has turned its back on the climate crisis. Scientists are not debating whether global warming is real or manmade, but as a country, we have snubbed the rest of the world and gone backward in our fight to reduce carbon emissions.

At Climate Action Now, we are committed to making a difference.

We are channeling our frustration, anger and fear by launching an app in early 2021 that will put thousands of planet-saving actions at the fingertips of millions. Actions that can be taken in just seconds or minutes. The collective actions of all of us around the world can bring about positive change.

We can change behaviors. We can change attitudes. We can help change laws. We can change what people consume. We can change the trajectory of global warming if we all work together, each doing our own small part.

This is important work. It has become our life’s work. There is much to be done, and everybody can help. For our kids. For our grandkids. And for all life on the planet.