CleanRobotics is a mission driven startup that is reinventing the way we think about recycling across the globe. Our flagship product, Trashbot™ eliminates pitfalls commonly associated with waste collections by identifying and robotically sorting items as they are deposited into the robot. Our data helps facilities approach zero waste while materially impacting their carbon footprint.

THE PROBLEM Recycling is hard. Rules change from place to place, new regulations are frequently introduced, and people are confused. Waste management remains the one process that corporations cannot measure or effectively sort. The burden of recycling is placed on individuals, and it is hard for busy people to get educated and keep up with the changing regulations.

OUR SOLUTION What if there was a smart trash can that took care of recycling for you? You would no longer have to think about manually separating your recyclables. What if there was a Trashbot™ that took your waste, separated the actual trash from recyclable waste and dynamically updated your waste management processes with data on trash and recycling? Introducing Trashbot™, a robotic trash can combining next-generation robotics and sensor technology to automatically sort recyclables from everyday trash.