With the accelerated development of the various urban mobility offers, access to and use of public space has become a major challenge. Some of these new forms of mobility have incredible potential to make cities more sustainable and equitable, but for their development to be successful, cities must be able to work closely and confidently with the various operators.

Vianova platform helps cities to integrate all forms of mobility within their urban space, giving them easy and transparent access to the mobility data they need. Standards for compliance and mobility data specification (MDS) are gradually developing. Therefore our objective is to provide cities with a platform that allows them to facilitate the integration, comparison and analysis of this data as well as to monitor mobility operators'‚Äč compliance with their local laws (fleet sizes, parking rules, traffic zones, etc.).

Our role as a trusted third party is essential for operators to be able to share their data securely and cities to keep control of their urban space while allowing citizens to benefit from these new means of transportation for more sustainable mobility.