Plant Nutrition Technologies

Plant Nutrition Technologies is dedicated to using the latest knowledge of how nature's cycle of life works. We use this information to supplement that cycle for the benefit of the farmer, the crop, the land, and the consumer. We supply all natural, micro-nutrient products as a replacement for synthetic fertilizers. Agriculture is a very ancient technology and has come a long way from just crop rotation and letting the land lay fallow.

We use advanced knowledge of how microbial life forms are involved in the life cycle of plants. With a balanced soil recharging system that emulates nature, plants deliver an exceptional amount of produce. This is what we need at this time to feed the world in a sustainable manner.

Our process was developed over many years of research. We wanted a process which was non-toxic, sustainable, and would help clean up the environment. We were successful in this. Many of the raw materials we use are by-products that are normally considered waste such as mine tailings, biomass, and wood ash.

Our products emulate the normal cycle of decaying plant and animal substances so that the topsoil becomes naturally healthy and nutrient-rich again. Working with nature is the most successful action and extremely sustainable.