Highland Walls

  • Goshen, MA, USA

Highland Walls is a panelized home manufacturing company focused on producing reasonably priced solutions for residential builders to create housing for the people. Our main product is the Hempcrete wall panel which is a carbon storing monolithic system that eliminates the use of many of today's common building materials.

Hempcrete is a insulation wall system made from industrial hemp, lime and water. It is naturally mold and pest resistant and also fireproof. Hempcrete walls have excellent thermal properties and are vapour open. This building method reduces the use of plastics and glues in the home by more than 60% and can be used in conjunction with roof and walls systems that completely eliminate the need for and energy intensive foam products.

Homes built by highland walls are focused on the affordable housing market as this is where we need to have the most growth in housing and can make the greatest difference environmentally.