CARBONQUARRY is a modular panel that captures carbon dioxide from the air and produces a carbon-rich liquid fertilizer for increased plant growth.


Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is the process of extracting CO2 from the air, naturally or mechanically, and permanently storing or transforming the CO2. Photosynthesis is a natural CDR process where plants turn CO2 into food for growth. Humans have engineered CDR solutions that directly capture CO2 out of the exhaust from heavy emitters.


We are taking action and striving to reduce greenhouse gases by sustainably extracting carbon dioxide from the air, mitigating global warming, and enhancing the health of our planet and life-sustaining ecosystems for present and future generations.

We look to nature and biomimetic design to help solve our problem: too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


Extracting CO2 is a critical step in mitigating climate change, and aids in keeping global temperature increases below 2 degrees Celsius- the tipping point for ecosystems worldwide.

Our modern lifestyles and industrial processes result in excess carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, shifting the Earth's carbon cycle and causing climate change. CO2 is an abundant greenhouse gas that stays in the atmosphere (a percentage of CO2 stays in the atmosphere for thousands of years after emitted).

Those who have a love for nature, a desire for healthy future generations, and a yearning for a safe environment in the future should invest in climate change mitigation and the removal of excess atmospheric carbon dioxide to help heal and protect our planet.