Our mission is to make EV charging easy for everyone

ChargeLab builds software to power smart electric vehicle charging. We make it easy for EV drivers to fill up, easy for building owners to deploy smarter infrastructure, and easy for service providers to offer turnkey EV charging solutions.

Our story

ChargeLab was founded in 2015 by a team of veteran software engineers and entrepreneurs. Our goal from day 1 was to simplify the fragmented and confusing world of open-standard electric vehicle infrastructure.

Driving an electric car should feel like stepping into the future: clean energy, easy refuelling, and better technology all around. While manufacturers like Tesla, Nissan, BMW, and Chevrolet had started to fulfill this promise by 2015, EV charging providers had not. In 2015, charging your EV felt like a step backwards.

We went from a vast network of petrol refuelling spots where all you had to do was tap your credit card, to a fragmented group of EV charging networks that created more friction than filling up a petrol vehicle. EV drivers must download a dozen different apps just to charge around town. In the early days, software bugs and poorly deployed hardware made public charging so unreliable that most EV drivers settled on just charging at home.

But this is not the way the world needs to be. Refuelling an EV should be easier than refuelling a gasoline vehicle. There are far more places to connect to the electric grid than there are 12,000 gallon-tanks filled with petrol laying around. Every apartment, condo, office building, shopping center, and home has a connection to the grid—and thus can be a refuelling point for EVs.

ChargeLab's mission is to make it easier for sites and installers to deploy EV chargers, easier for EV drivers to use them, and give utilities more powerful tools for managing EV charging on a grid-wide scale.

Our long-term vision stretches decades into the future to a world where all transportation is zero-emission and all the energy we use is renewable. We're far from realizing this vision today—but we welcome you to join us on our journey there!