Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Feeding and clothing the world through efficient resource redistribution in high-impact crops.  Emphasis on achieving our mission ethically.


Vision: Leading cost-effective, actionable crop analytics on every continent.


At FluroSat, we believe that deep science is vital to sustainable food and fibre production. 

We’re using the world’s best research to create user-centred software that helps agronomists and farmers make informed decisions based on highly differentiated analysis. We apply the latest in remote sensing, agricultural science, machine learning and AI to fuse multiple sources of data together and create selective, accurate and actionable insights. 

At FluroSat, we analyse remote sensing data (aerial and/or satellite imagery). We build supercharged agronomic tools to quantify the crop stress and answer the "why?"​ rather than "where?"​. Our platform allows agronomists to access satellite/plane or upload drone data, and provides them with the information on the stress levels and nutrient content distribution around the paddock (e.g., crop health maps, N/ chlorophyll levels maps) calculated using our advanced modeling and processing tools. We go into in-depth analysis, extending beyond NDVI into the identification of individual crop stressors.

What is different about FluroSat is we build reliable correlations combining multiple sources of hyperspectral/ multispectral imagery (drone, satellite) incorporating the on-farm data (IOT, ground-based sensors) and tailor analytics on a per-paddock level for each of the crop types separately.

We are always open to partnership in agronomy and research. Get in touch with us!

Join us on our mission to help the world feed and clothe itself sustainably.


Company Values:

  1. Impact and efficiency: maximising our impact with available resources
  2. Transparency: we communicate and make our actions clear to others
  3. Teamwork: we value collaboration over individual performance
  4. Commitment to customers: we are committed to the success of the industry we are serving
  5. Ownership: owning and feeling the value of our personal contribution