Churn, Inc.

Marketplace with a mission

For the loyal possessions that served us well, the heirlooms loaded with history, and valuables worth more than their “price”— Churn gives important things new purpose. With Churn we can return value to our communities while dealing with a persistent problem—what to do with our unneeded things.

Churn, Inc. Remote
Aug 25, 2021
We are a small, dedicated team building a novel secondhand marketplace that addresses consumer goods that have been "abandoned-in-place" in homes and hired storage spaces. By encouraging users to post their unneeded possessions, Churn returns idle possessions to the economy in rewarding peer-to-peer transactions.  We are now seeking at two individuals familiar with UI/UX practices who would be willing to test our software,  report bugs, errors and omissions. The length of the "internship is capped at four weeks. There is an opportunity for the position to subsequently develop into a part-time employment opportunity.