Pano builds cutting-edge tools to combat the devastation of wildfires.

The early minutes of a fire are critical, and initial response time determines the ultimate threat to lives and property. With most wildfires detected by bystanders and reported via 911, it can take hours to detect a fire, verify its exact location and size, and dispatch first responders.

The Solution: Pano Rapid Detect is a connected, intelligent platform for fire professionals that helps them to detect threats, confirm fires, and disseminate information to responders, faster than ever before.

Pano Rapid Detect speeds response time by empowering detection specialists with enhanced visual equipment and rapid data analysis, supported by AI. Specialists have a single, unified view of ultra-high-definition Pano cameras, geo satellite data, field sensors, legacy cameras, emergency alerts, and other data feeds — as well as the ability to share everything in real-time with their extended team. Altogether, this makes it possible to quickly identify and contain devastating wildfires, protecting lives, property, and our forests.