Radiator Labs

Radiator Labs is an energy management and electrification platform for radiator-heated buildings. We are a Brooklyn based startup working to solve a 100-year-old problem: the lack of comfort and efficiency in buildings with steam heat. Our technology is the recipient of multiple awards including the MIT Clean Energy Prize, NYC Department of Buildings Carbon Neutrality Innovation Challenge, the Popular Science Invention Award, Architizer A+ Award, the 1776 Challenge Cup, the Exelon’s 2c2i initiative and we are part of inaugural Clean Fight 2020 program.

Every year, millions of dollars are wasted and pollution needlessly generated as people open the windows of their sweltering steam-heated apartments to cool off in the winter. Radiator Labs is solving this problem using custom hardware, sensors, building-wide IOT networks, and data science. Our retrofits for steam-heated buildings have been validated by NYSERDA to save an average of 25% on heating costs, and are eligible for all utility incentives. We are also developing a hybrid-electrification platform that enables buildings to electrify up to 80% of their heating demand at 20% of the cost of traditional approaches. Our customers include multi-family apartment buildings, office buildings, municipal buildings and universities. We are rapidly expanding our operations.