Climate Farmers is an impact-oriented startup that develops a comprehensive platform with profiles of regenerative farms that we monitor and model, an open-access knowledge platform, and a growing community for regenerative society. We are a young team starting a strongly impact-oriented project. The goal: system change to enable the scaling of regenerative agriculture in practice. In numerous discussions with scientists, politicians, and business representatives, we have identified essential points of leverage for this change, on which we are working together with strong partners.

We are building up a team around remote sensing applications using aerial and satellite data to account for ecosystem benefitting metrics in order to enable financial support for farmers. 

Aug 17, 2021
Climate Farmers Remote (Berlin, Deutschland)
Climate Farmers is a young, driven impact start-up with a strong vision for the European agricultural industry. We're building the infrastructure to scale regenerative agriculture in Europe by developing an open-access knowledge platform, the central European regenerative farming community, and transition finance instruments. In March 2021, Climate Farmers started an open-source community that focuses on smart technologies for nature-based solutions. You will work hand in hand with the community manager to shape, build and manage the community and their development. Your work will be focused on a diverse spectrum of tasks: moderation, code review, development, strategy building, data infrastructure. This is the chance for you to apply your skills and work together with experts around the world. The development consists of remote sensing technologies, algorithmic models, field data and huge ecological datasets. Currently the Climate Farmers Tech Team consists of...