Sway combats pollution by replacing single-use plastics with home-compostable, carbon negative, seaweed-based packaging. We represent the next stage in the evolution of plastic, solving for the many social and ecological harms of petroleum-based packaging through regenerative design.

Our product offering targets the most difficult plastics to replace, we’ve built a prototype that's immensely promising, and our engineers are now hard at work to ensure this seaweed-based material can outperform plastic technically. Our packaging is designed to be reused, and at the end of its life it can be composted into healthy soil.

Sway also partners directly with brands to help cultivate regenerative practices within their value chain. This method promotes two core concepts: 1) Carbon negative materials can bypass policy, and 2) Consumption can be carbon negative behavior.

Think of Sway as a design studio and materials lab on a mission to replenish the planet.