Fourth Pig Green & Natural Construction

We renovate, build, consult, and educate

comfortably sitting next to a window in the winter. Imagine sleeping in a room quiet to the outside noise. Imagine the pleasure of breathing clean filtered air. Imagine a home not too hot or cold with air not too dry or moist and the right amount of light. Welcome to sustainable building.

Sustainable building means a cleaner environment, more efficient energy generation and use, more effective use of building materials, and healthier living spaces.

The result is comfortable buildings that are good for the planet and good for your health.

The Fourth Pig works primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, the Golden Horseshoe and Muskoka areas of Ontario.

Our mission is to foster ecologically balanced methods of construction and energy production in order to promote more sustainable and healthy communities. Founded in 2007 the Fourth Pig is a non-profit worker co-operative that is owned and operated by its members. Our members are invested in the success of the organization and we are proud to share and promote cooperative values.