We exist to reverse climate change
We'll do it by standing on the shoulders of giants - climate-conscious businesses - who we empower with carbon offsets. We then connect millions of their customers to projects that fight pollution, restore nature and climate change.

Empowering climate action

CarbonClick empowers businesses and their customers to tackle climate change, by making carbon offsets simple, trustworthy and cost-effective. Integrate our solution into your business with minimal effort, at a fraction of the time and cost otherwise possible.

Our story
CarbonClick was created by Jan Czaplicki and Paul Brady, who met while building an airline carbon offsetting program.

After seeing how hard it was for businesses to create their own offsetting program, they saw an opportunity to make it easy. This was how CarbonClick was born – the turnkey carbon offsetting solution. They’ve teamed up with CEO Dave Rouse to bring CarbonClick to the world, driven by their passion to make our world more sustainable.