CLOVO Brand LLC is a sustainable clothing company that produces natural and functional sheer tights that leave less of an impact on the environment and empower women. After interviewing over 200 women in our target market, we found that the main problems that women have with tights include: sagging, easily ripping, discomfort, and ill fit. These problems all tie back to two main issues with tights: a simplistic design and synthetic materials. To fix these issues, we identified two marketable solutions: a spandex short integration and the use of a plant-based material. Our two innovations integrated into EverTights not only eliminate sag, itch, discomfort, and reduce ripping, but also with our pricing model, they have the best cost per wear. All together, EverTights’ strength design and durable material add to their longevity, surpassing the use timeline of traditional tights by 800%. We also make CLOVO Tights that are the same as EverTights, just without the short.