Planet FWD

Planet FWD is on a mission to help address climate change by making it easier to bring
climate-friendly food products to market. Our founder, Julia Collins, has spent her career
building food tech companies.

The Planet FWD software solution will allow brands to track their carbon footprint as well as find
supplies and ingredients that can lower the carbon footprint of their products. In order to amplify
our impact we also built the world's first climate-friendly snack brand called Moonshot, sourced
from regenerative ingredients so that we can promote a healthier food system. We want to
prove demand for climate-friendly food products so that regenerative ingredients are highly
valued, accelerating conversion to carbon-capturing practices.

We believe that together we have the power to tackle climate change. You’ll have the
opportunity to build relationships with our small and highly passionate team. When working
remotely, we have a daily team check-in and weekly happy half hour where we celebrate team
members for embodying our core values in their work. Our core values are: grace, integrity,
equity, courage, commitment, clarity, judgement, and catalytic creativity. A summary of our
company culture can be found here.