• Mansfield Center, Mansfield, CT, USA

We are a pioneering hydroelectric equipment manufacturer based in Mansfield, Connecticut. Our founder recognized that future growth in the U.S. small hydropower sector would rely on new, modular, intelligent generation equipment and innovative deployment platforms with minimal environmental impacts.  Building on that insight, NuSTREEM has developed new turbine technology partnered with advanced control technology and an inventive standardized project deployment application.

Our journey began by putting this new technology to work at our headquarters and manufacturing facility at Kirby Mill in 2014. With the installation of our turbines, the facilities have been 100% powered by clean, renewable generation from hydropower. A second turbine installation in Massachusetts was also brought online in 2014. NuSTREEM now seeks to expand its reach and increase deployments across the Northeast and throughout the country. Our technologies not only open up sites for new small hydropower projects, but can also be used at existing projects, large and small, to reduce outages and increase the efficiency and output of the facility.

Our team believes in our products, not only in their ability to make an economic difference to our customers, but also in their ability to be at least a partial answer to the responsible power-generation needs of our community and our world. We provide an extremely efficient machine to extract clean energy from a renewable resource with minimal impact to the environment.

Not only are we passionate about renewable energy, and the benefits hydropower may provide, it gives us great satisfaction to work with small hydropower systems -- whether they be associated with an irrigation district, old mill/old mine, remote community, or some other location, endeavor or project. Regardless of how you refer to the products we provide to your independent hydro plant or run of the river hydropower system, i.e., "water turbine generators," "hydroelectric generators," "hydro generators," or "hydroelectric turbine generators," we have the solution to meet your particular needs.