Euclid Power


Euclid Power is a renewable energy company that helps renewables developers and investors develop, diligence, execute, and asset-manage renewables projects. Euclid provides a transformative data and project management platform alongside value-add services to guide developers and investors through execution on complex projects at all stages of the project lifecycle. Euclid is led by a world-class team of industry-leading veterans within renewable energy project development, diligence, finance, and execution with over 3GW of PV and 1GWh of energy storage experience. We have developed the diligence, investing, and execution process for some of the industry’s leading developers and investors including Goldman Sachs Renewable Power, Blackstone (Onyx), GE Solar, Generate Capital, and True Green Capital. Our results-centered approach focuses on success for our clients no matter the project stage, size, or challenge.


We have developed the diligence, investing, and execution process for some of the industry’s leading developers and investors. We work alongside our clients to put every portfolio or project through our proven execution process to ensure execution certainty and success. Our process relies on the data and the details. We track and manage every aspect of a project to identify risks long before others can, and our results speak for themselves. Through our comprehensive firsthand experience, we are skilled in seeing the seemingly unforeseeable and we approach every project as if we were the ultimate long term asset owner.


We are passionate about renewables, and we work with our clients to get their projects developed, managed, and built right: on time, on budget, and with results that speak for themselves.

Mar 10, 2022
Full time role
Euclid Power Remote (New York, NY, USA)
About Us   Euclid Power is the operating system for the renewable energy industry. We offer a diligence, development, and data management platform alongside world-class execution services to help project developers and investors deploy renewable energy faster than ever before. We believe it is time that the process of deploying renewable energy projects was powered by software, as much as social media or online ads and that by doing so, we can help more projects start, fewer fail, and accelerate the world's transition to clean energy.    Euclid is trusted by some of the largest solar investors, solar developers, utilities, and technology integrators to provide software, guidance, and project diligence support. Less than a year in, and with no outside capital raised, Euclid has over a dozen clients and >1GW of renewable energy across 100 projects under execution on our beta platform. Euclid is led by a world-class team of renewable energy veterans that...