AdaViv is an innovative agriculture technology company specializing in plant-intelligence for greenhouse and indoor farming. We want to make every indoor farm a highly profitable and sustainable farm through our Digital Lean Cultivation Platform. Adaviv spun off from MIT, is venture-backed and is currently based out of Greentown Labs in Somerville, MA (the largest clean-tech accelerator in the world).

We are building an AI-powered Plant-Care software that keeps digital eyes on all the plants in crop and helps growers know what each needs in order to get the most consistent and highest yields. By initially focusing on high value crops like cannabis, we are enabling growers to continually improve the growth of each plant. We’re a small, high-performance team whose domain expertise covers all dimensions of our product, from biology to AI and business. We are at an exciting stage of our growth and are looking forward to adding passionate and driven individuals, with a growth mindset, to be a part of our journey and mission.

AdaViv thrives on the diversity of its team members. We are an equal opportunity employer. We seek and celebrate our diversity and are committed to growing in this area together and constantly raising the bar of creating an inclusive environment for all of our employees.