Rain Industries

We are fire sprinklers for the forest. 

Every wildfire starts small. The Rain System is a network of autonomous drones detecting and containing wildfires within 10 minutes of ignition.

Rain is backed by the expertise of wildland fire professionals and the institutional and private capital of Silicon Valley leaders, including the earliest institutional investor in Tesla and SpaceX.

At Rain we acknowledge the essential role of wildfire in healthy ecosystems. However: our ecosystem is not presently healthy. The obvious, necessary solution to climate change is reducing human carbon emissions. Until that happens, wildfire is both a symptom and a cause of climate change: every year, wildfires release 80 billion tons of carbon globally. We need tools to adapt to a changing climate, and the Rain System is one in a suite of tools that includes controlled burns, innovative policies, and ongoing forest management. We believe uncontrolled wildfires destroying communities, livelihoods and lives are unnecessary to meet our climate objectives.