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The Premise and the Challenge: Erica Chenoweth’s extensive research has proven that our last best hope for real systematic change is not elections (though elections are necessary), but rather the strategy of nonviolent civil resistance. The key challenge therefore is: How can today’s climate, social, and economic justice campaigns embolden, recruit, and commit the numbers of courageous volunteers they need to win using the strategy of nonviolent mass civil resistance? How do they solve what most organizers would call ‘the mother of all organizing challenges?’

Primary Hypothesis: We know there are already free and proven individual motivators that campaigns have successfully used to increase recruitment & commitment metrics. Therefore, combining five of the best of such motivators into one mobilizing app should have a cumulative, and possibly synergistic effect. If so, this could take nonviolent civil resistance organizing the biggest leap forward since Gandhi or King, and thereby save Mother Nature and democracy itself.

Our Mission: To increase the chance of nonviolent civil resistance-based campaign success to 70-80% by individually and systematically identifying and removing people’s psychological & logistical barriers to participation in such courageous campaigns -- to scale moral courage. 

Our Software Solution:

  • Moves potential “on the fence” volunteers to committing to more courageous tasks and “resister-support” roles by seamlessly integrating proven and free major psychological drivers (e.g. crowdacting/conditional commitment, individualized barrier removal, motivational videos, peer- bonding) into a one-stop, mobile-friendly, free, highly secure, and open source “courage-building” ladder of engagement. This tool can be integrated into any grassroots organization via their “Take Action” tab. 
  • Targets and coordinates both essential audiences (campaign organizers and potential volunteers) into one platform using highly secure collaboration and communication tools. (This will be offered in our 2nd iteration.)
  • See our powerpoint and especially our two part (3 minute crowd acting animation and the 10 minute video demo) for the best explanation and understanding of how this works for a user.
  • Our animation and video demos are climate justice centric, but GCN is issue agnostic. 
  • Is based on four years of R&D, extensive user testing and top organizer reviews.

Current Needs: 

  • UI/UX designer/Product designer to create simple google-slide based product for A/B testing (3-4 days)
  • Climate justice campaigns for beta-testing. (US preferred)
  • Additional (P/T ok) senior level Golang engineer, or NodeJS, & Flutter frontend developer (P/T ok) 
  • CodeReviewer (senior level Go or NodeJS) or Tech adviser
  • Additional funding to conduct the upcoming beta test.
  • Cofounders or hired staff to help with social media/crowdfunding and marketing.
  • Entres to strategic partners (e.g. established campaign tech platforms or large membership organizations). We have an offer of funds to cover most integration costs.
  • Senior level (paid) Wordpress Developer with php Skills ($4k-8k budget)
  • PT (Intern ok) Research/Outreach coDirector/Admin Assist (Anywhere in world)

Other Information:

Business and Technical FAQ

Reviews from 20 Top Organizers and Tech Activists (including Dolores Huerta and Wade Rathke)

Software Architecture