Jaro Fleet Technologies

Jaro Fleet Technologies exists to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric semi-trucks. This mission is incredibly important for both the future of the logistics industry as well as the health of our planet. Replacing a single diesel truck with an electric truck is equivalent to replacing 32 gasoline cars. Furthermore, semi-trucking fleets are capable of very fast adoption cycles (<2 years). As this industry takes off, approximately $90B in annual diesel sales will transition to the heavy-duty vehicle charging sector.
To serve this emerging market, Jaro is deploying a first-in-class charging solution that solves the specific needs of the semi-trucking fleets. This product and the services we wrap around it has the potential to be the critical enabling technology for the widespread, cost-effective deployment of electric semi-trucks in the US and beyond.
Our team consists of passionate, climate-dedicated professionals on a journey to make as much positive climate impact as they can. We draw upon experiences from numerous venture-backed startups, prominent electric vehicle companies, and EV charging companies. We emphasize diversity in our culture and growth plans, and have an excellent group of experienced VC firms supporting our company.
We believe how you build an organization affects the impact the organization has over time. In our work, we emphasize the importance of connectedness, fairness, diversity, and collaboration, and we built these values into our corporate governance structure. We believe these values and our shared desire to tackle climate will enable our team to do great work quickly.
Please contact Jaro’s careers team to explore a role in this journey to electrify semi-trucking.