Verdantips is a Barcelona-based impact startup that aims to be the “green” Google Maps or TripAdvisor. We are a B2B and B2C software-as-a-service company that provides a sustainable city guide to eco-conscious individuals, so they know the businesses and places of interest that are making efforts to reduce their environmental impact, along with a web-platform that helps businesses become more sustainable and market those efforts to the customers who care. 

Verdantips was founded by three female engineers passionate about helping the planet. Based on our daily struggle to live sustainably, we made it our life mission to make it easy for both individuals and businesses to make sustainable choices in everything they do. Making choices that don’t harm our planet should be the default – not the exception, and Verdantips brings education, transparency, and convenience together to make that vision a reality. 

We are starting with the food sector as it is a huge contributor to global warming and is the one good we must consume on a daily basis to survive. The MVP of our app is currently live in Barcelona with over 50 restaurants. We will soon add in other food companies, such as produce baskets, dark kitchens, markets, and grocery stores, and will then expand to include other businesses and places of interest outside of the food sector. We aim to build a Verdant community in the cities in which we are active, fostering meaningful connection among our users and businesses, and serving as a digital and physical space to share ideas, tips, and discussions about living sustainably.