Verdantips is a sustainable restaurant locator app that connects eco-conscious diners with nearby restaurants that are making efforts to reduce their environmental impact. In addition to the app, it includes a web platform for restaurants in which they can monitor their performance, see local trends and analytics, and access best practices on how to become more sustainable, tailored to their location. 

Restaurants complete a profile that includes yes/no and multiple-choice questions about their practices in each of our 12 sustainability categories (i.e. Plant-Based Friendly, Sustainable Meat, Sustainable Produce, Plastic Conscious, Waste Conscious, Energy Efficient, and more). If they meet our thresholds, they receive an icon for that category. Users can view these icons in the app, in addition to more details about why the restaurant received each icon, and select their own sustainability preferences to easily find restaurants that match their values.

Verdantips has an international founding team, made up of our American CEO Mackenzie, our Indian Chief Product Officer Mahima, and our Spanish Chief Marketing Officer Natalia. The three co-founders came together during the second year of their InnoEnergy master program Energy for Smart Cities, where Verdantips was born. Since then, they have gone through several mentoring and accelerator programs that have propelled the business further. Finally, winning the New Normal Challenge in the city of Amsterdam and the following collaboration with the city made it possible for Verdantips to plan its beta launch in the coming months.

Verdantips’ work focuses on allowing users to easily make more sustainable dining choices without the extensive research it currently requires, while also allowing restaurants to gain and retain customers while reducing their environmental footprint, and potentially lowering operating costs as well. We will quickly expand beyond restaurants to include other sustainable food options (supermarkets, produce baskets, dark kitchens, etc.), and other shops and businesses to become a sustainable city guide for both residents and tourists alike, with the objective of making it easy for both people and businesses to make sustainable choices in their daily lives. Check out our website for more insights!

$1,750 - $3,000 monthly
Verdantips Barcelona, Spain
Jun 10, 2021
Full time role
Do you want to help make the world a better place? Passionate about climate change? Want to use your coding skills to create something that can really make a difference? Then this is the right job for you! We are a team of three female engineers who have been working for over a year to make living sustainably so much easier. We are seeking a highly-skilled, motivated, and innovative Chief Technology Officer with experience in leading the development of successful technology tools to join our founding team.  Role and Responsibilities  Tired of your boss? Looking forward to doing things your way? We are seeking someone who is driven and has a clear vision of how things should be done - and makes it happen. As CTO, you will have full power to design and shape Verdantips’ technology. The CTO will be responsible for the development, oversight and coordination of all technical aspects of building, launching, and supporting our app and web platform, working closely with our...